Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Snapshots of Grace

Several sweet notes—hesitating to ask, desiring to know how to pray...

"Is the wait over?"

With heavy sigh... “no”...

I cancelled my appointment at the hospital for yesterday. I am ignoring calls from my doctor and some pre-op receptionist from same hospital. (I can be stubborn like that... :)

My body is at work on God’s timetable, not my doctor’s.

So I wait.

My heart is not as heavy in the wait as it once was.

It is still difficult. It is still painful. It is still not a path I would have chosen to walk.

But I am surrounded by overwhelming grace...

Amazing grace of precious, found stone beside my Easter stone


Healing grace note from smallest of Jesus sharing friends.

Grace led ocean journey...albeit a chilly one... :)

First time drivers taking on sand and...horse riders, kite flyers, clam diggers and stick fetchers...(more work with Nate in keeping us out of the water. He kept saying the Suburban wanted to "drive the ocean!")

All is grace!