Friday, April 24, 2009

This Is My God!

While sitting on the deck swing with Nate this afternoon, I felt led to go on a walk. By myself. Just me, myself and I. :) This ticked a few little people off (since they typically accompany me) but they survived and off I went.

My first encounter with God on this walk involved my iPod shuffle.

Now if you are not familiar with these little darlin’s, they pick up where you last left off. Whatever song you were in the middle of when you turned it off is where it starts playing next time you turn it on. So my feet started up our gravel lane and music began to sing in my ear.

The song that came up playing was at a part in the chorus, must have been towards the end, where the singers just kept singing the same words over and over and over again. You know, like when your worship leader at church gets stuck on the repeat button of a chorus. :) Yep, like that.

“Better is one day in your house, better is one day in your courts, better is one day in your house—than thousands elsewhere!”

No, I’m not kidding. In fact, I even asked God that. Out loud!

“God, are You kidding me?”

I sobbed and sang for what must have been close to 2 minutes (considering how far I walked during that time). Sobbing, singing, arms raised high, face to the sun—overwhelmed by His love, His merciful love as the words repeated over and over and over again.

I heard Him singing directly to my heart, “better is one day here with Me, Robin, than thousands of days down there!”

“Oh yes, God! I know, I know!”

Song ended and I pushed the button for it to replay.

No one will believe this, but I tell you the truth...the song had no long, drawn out ending as it did before!

Same iPod. Same song. Same singers. Different ending. Now what does one say to that?!

This is my God!

Every single song that played during this hour long walk was one of praise or one that ministered greatly to my heart. It was like God Himself hand-picked each and every song that played for me today.

True, every song on my iPod is a praise or worship song, but I’ll tell you—there were songs played for me today that I NEVER heard before. Every single one made my heart sing.

This is my God!

The next thing God did may not make much sense to you, but meant everything in the world to me!

I found a smooth, polished, white stone right in my pathway.

This past Easter, our family put together an Easter Tree and spent several days going over different verses of scripture, thoughts and prayers leading us up to Resurrection Sunday. On Easter morning, I presented every family member with a smooth, polished, white stone. This stone represented victory and heaven’s purity, with a new name written on it. (Revelation 2:17)

There was more involved with this stone for Easter, but the reading ended with—feel your white stone and imagine having written upon it “Child of Mine”.

In the middle of nowhere (and believe me, I live in no typical housing development) I found on gravel and tar road a white stone EXACTLY like the kind that I passed out to my other children on Easter morning.

This is my God!

As one song was playing and I was singing praise—actually choking on cries and trying to sing—I heard “Don’t stay home waiting. Go to the ocean.”


Waiting has been on my mind. Feeling restless here at home has been real. But believe me when I say, the ocean was completely off my radar screen.

So......(hah! :)...I am borrowing money from Brianne’s savings account :) and taking my kiddos to the ocean. (Hubby and oldest son are in Idaho until Sunday).