Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Never! No! Nor! Not ever! No!

"I will never desert you; nor will I ever forsake you." 
Hebrews 13:5

In the original Greek there are 5 negatives so the passage reads as...

"I will never, no, desert you; 
nor will I not ever, no, forsake you."

Many of us have experienced abandonmentMyself included.  Not by my parents or spouse—no, but other crucial relationships.  Some of us have been abandoned by health, dreams and promises.  And in being abandoned, we abandon hope in others...including God.

Why is God trustworthy above all else?

He cannot fail.  That cannot be said of anyone else.  God cannot go against His own character.  Our character is chosen by what we feed our minds, how we discipline our bodies and changes as we change what we choose.  God can only be faithful.  Faithfulness was not only created by Him.  Faithfulness is sustained in Him.

In a world where we cannot fully trust anyone, how can we trust God fully?

Seek His face.  Know His heart.  See yourself as He sees youHoly, Chosen and Dearly Loved!  Spend time in His presence absorbing Him.  Trust Him with little things, trust Him with big.  Talk to Him—open up, ask questions—then wait...listen for Him.  See with your own experience what blooms from faith in what you cannot see.

How do we unguard our hearts before God?

Be real with Him.  Even if you are unable to offer the real you comfortably to others.  You have much to offer!  He wouldn’t have made you as you are if that were not so.  To let down your guard with God—your Creator—is to allow Him to continue to define the original design that. Is. You!!! 

Even if you feel you can trust no one else completely...
                                                                 Jesus is completely different!

He knows all your ways, your past, your thoughts, your grumbles, your heart aches already.  And He hasn’t left yet...

Because He won’t...

He can’t...

And He never will!

Never!  No!  Nor!  Not ever!  No!

...practicing as habit trusting Him fully!