Thursday, December 30, 2010

What Can I Do?

The end of the year is usually a time of reflection for us.  Today I am reflecting on loved ones in my life who are either making bad choices, different choices from what I would make (gasp!)...and those deliberately choosing to ignore God.

This is one area in particular that I lack faithfulness—believing and praying for salvation, as well as continuing salvation, for all who are dear to me!  And for others I do not even know!

All are precious to God.
All are desired by Him.
All are wanted in His Kingdom.

I should be more willing to give of my time to pray for the salvation of the lost and the dying...the sick and the hungry—physically, yes!—but even more so, spiritually. 

So I ask Him, “What can I do?”

Love strings attached!
Pray for themregularly, unceasingly, deliberately!
Support themeven if I can’t support their decisions!
Encourage themspeak words of blessing (not spiritual platitudes) over them!
Never give up on themregardless of what I see!

                                               ...all the while, believing!

Don’t give in to discouragement and fear.  Satan’s tactics against us are not new, but they are debilitating.  Believe God is for you and for them!  He has great purposes in store for each of us.  Pray hard and fervently that they may be realized!

Prayer instigates action!  God has designed it that way.  Prayer causes movement—in both the physical and spiritual realms! 

Pray!  Never cease!

And never cease to believe!