Monday, December 13, 2010


In the midst of worldly wants—seasonal and not—what is it that you really want?


We often want what we don’t have.  What we see others enjoying.  The key there is “see”.  We rarely know what’s going on behind the scenes in another’s life—the work, the difficulty, the façade, the sacrifice...the sin.  We often just want what we see because it seems “easier” than the hand we were dealt.

Do you want what God wants for you?

Do you want the life He’s giving you?

Want the plan He is laying out for you!  This is where I struggle... à Don’t just say you want it (“take my life”; “die to self”; “let my will be yours”; insert your favorite Christian phrase here____________).  

Mean it!  Want it!  Choose it!

Die to self!
Take selfish thoughts captive!
Crucify self on the altar!

I have to die to my wants so that the new life within me can want new things!  The things God has in store for me.

Die to your perceived rights.  Is your life not turning out as you believe it should?  What do you think you are entitled to?

Do you even know what you truly want?  What you are after?  Often what we want is not what we are going after.  We get caught up in other things, feelings, hang-ups, time-wasters and....well....stupidness!

Much of what you really want may already be what He wants for you!  Maybe, like me, you just make some bad choices.

There are times I choose to respond in anger or frustration because I feel my rights to have a clean house, receive help, or have a cheerful home with everyone talking kindly to one another has been infringed upon.

Sometimes I expect a standard from my children that I do not hold! am thinking about what I want.  Are my wants His?  Am I actively going after what I really want?  What He wants for me?

What do you want?