Saturday, December 11, 2010


Thank you, God, for Rahab!

This former prostitute and foreigner had faith in a God she had never seen, didn’t know anything about, nor personally experienced—and yet she believed!

Not only does she show up in Hebrews Hall of Faith (Heb. 11:31), BUT...she becomes a princess after marrying a prince from the tribe of Judah and gives birth to a son who shares his family line with Jesus!  She herself is King David’s Great, Great Grandmother! 

From her I learn that all impossibilities are possible to and for the one who believes God and in God.  She believed the stories—the accounts of His greatness.  She believed from afar.

How much more is possible for the one who knows more, has seen more and experienced more!

Rahab had unbelievable faith when it could have cost her everything (Joshua 2:1-21)!  The King of Jericho himself contacted her about turning in the men who had come to visit her.  Instead, she hid them.  Her freedom, safety, that of her family...her very life was on the line.  Her choice could have turned tragic had her deception been found out.

But she believed in this God!  Not in what she saw or could understand.  She believed what she heard about Him and all He was capable of.

Seek to know what is possible when you believe He is capable of all things!

Rahab believed God would keep her safe—her and her family—in the midst of any attack against Jericho.  In fact, the entire city crumbled!   All was utterly destroyed, except the home of Rahab! 

She believed the scarlet cord hanging from her window would save her!  And it did!

"Lord, I believe in the scarlet blood that saves me!  I have seen!  I have heard!  I have known!  I have experienced!  By your grace, help me believe in all impossibilities—to believe big and in big—for you are capable of all things!  Amen"