Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So...Those Wants...

You may "want" to read yesterday's post first... :)

Do I expect my children to have better wants than I? 
Is the high standard I want for my children possible in what they see me want?
Am I being hypocritical in what I “say” I want and what I “show” I want?
Do my wants match what I go after?

Yesterday brought conviction and repentance over some “entitlement” sins.  He showed me ugly feelings and responses I have when I think I’m being short-changed for my obedience.  I was saddened.  Facing our sins should grieve us—this is why repentance is so very beautiful! 

Forgiveness and freedom in Christ couldn’t be all that it is if our sin wasn’t as despicable as it is!

So...just a couple things He showed me yesterday that we both want...but...not wants I’ve been actively going after lately—


To be the greatest in His upside-down-to-the-world’s-way-of-doing-things Kingdom, we must become a servant!  Of all?!  To all He asks of us!    

Subconsciously, I was keeping score.  I was watching what other Believers were doing or getting.  Wow!  Ugly, huh?!

My self is enough to focus in on.  My character, my growth, my heart, my attitude!  Focusing in on Him and Me while letting all other “things” fall away.  All other “wants”!  They really are unimportant. 

Dross of this world is just as useless as the dross of spiritual refinement!

God and I! 
Christ who is my life!  (Col. 3:4)
How He is infiltrating my life and my actions! 
That is what is important!

That is what I want!  For me and every member of my family!

“And the things of earth will grow strangely dim.  In the light of His glory and grace...”