Friday, December 17, 2010

God’s Plan Trumps Ours

Is there something that just hasn’t turned out as you expected?  Planned?  Dreamed?  Desperately wanted and prayed for???

I confess I have one in particular.  And as much as I pray over it and let it go, releasing it to Him, every now and then it pops up its controlling head.  Usually when I am weak.

I say “controlling head” because isn’t that what the “thing” in your life does?!  It can control thoughts, emotions, attitudes and reactions.  

Sometimes it can so fully consume our thinking 
that it begins to take over our living!  

We may lose an entire day...a week...a month....even longer—lost in frustrating thought of what is not!  All the while missing out on what is!

God got my attention the other day with these words...

“Do you think if I had those plans for you that I could be stopped in seeing them fulfilled?  My grace could have taken you there had I desired it.”

He not only “got” my attention—He stopped me at attention.

God’s plan trumps ours.  And to be quite honest—I’m so very grateful that is so!