Sunday, December 5, 2010


November 27, 2010

Been awake since 1:30 a.m.  It's now 4:15.  Is there something you want to talk to me about, God? Something you want to say to me?

Get real serious!  There is a battle going on.  You know it!  You are not fighting like you believe in it.  You know what to do—do it!  Stand up to Satan.  Take your thoughts captive.  Stop giving ground over to the enemy.  Pray for those you love.  Believe what I tell you here (in my listening prayer journal).  Do what I tell you.  Stop letting every day, every circumstance, every reaction run over you.  Take charge.  Take control—through prayer and walking in obedience.  You are worried for your family—pray for them!  You are tired of comparing yourself, your decisions, your life to others—then stop it!  You want things to be different—then make them!  Be active.  Be active to go after what you want...what you should.  And be active to stop doing what you want to stop...what you should stop.  Don’t allow yourself to be held in sins dread sway.  You know what to do—do it!  You walk as a victim of circumstance.  You should be walking in victory, not defeat; joy, not anger; praise, not withholding; faith, not fear!  Get real.  Get serious.  Get active with your life, with your husband, with your children, with your writing, with your time with me—everything.  Do you see how much you are losing out on?  You are being robbed!  Satan came only to steal, kill and destroy.  He is stealing from you now!  His ways will kill your relationships and eventually destroy all that is important to you!  

You may wonder why I would post this.  I hesitate.  Will you think me odd--going overboard--to believe He really talks to me when I trust that He will.  And when I take the time to listen for Him.  But what He shared with me that day is vital instruction for us all.  

I am weak!

I need Him!

His desire is to meet with each of His beloved...daily...hourly...minute by minute.  Do we keep ourselves available to Him?  Are we tuned to the sound of His voice?  Will we receive what He says?  Do what He instructs?

Will we stop our desert wandering to seek His Presences in the cloud and in the fire?

The Word breathes truth...and life!  We are in a live relationship!  Countless times in The Book He asks us to call on Him and He will answer!  He cannot go against His own promises!  He will not!  Not even for you....

Meet with Him.


Live in full relationship with the One who knows you, desires only the best for you and knows how to get you there!

Don't just talk to Him...listen for Him...