Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You Are

You. Are. Loved!

You are deeply, perfectly, intimately loved!

Your worth to Him and to our world is not—nor is it ever—based on your performance or success in it!

You. Are. God’s!  And He adores you!

Do not turn away!  Instead, receive the depth these words convey.  God speaks over you...

Acceptance—for who you are and where you are at.
Devotion—to be all you could ever need or want.
Fulfillment—in all those places of lack needing filled.
Delight—in your voice as it enters His throne room.
Passion—to draw you ever closer to Himself.
Promise—for both sides of eternity—heaven and earth.

He. wants. you!

You are cherished—being His most treasured possession!

When no one else seems to want you or what you have to offer—He does!  He wants everything you’ll give Him. 

You are found in Him in your willingness to be lost.  In losing out on the world, the things of the world—all the cries, the pleas made to your flesh from the world—you are lost to this world and found at His feet.

There is rest for you!  Just in believing His will is good and receiving His words for yourself.  He knows that is what you want.  It is what He wants to give.

Don’t try to make grace happen.  Just rest in Him and believe Him and you will receive.

Trust Him to fill your cup.  Keep it held up.  Discouragement and doubt work to spill the contents.  A shaky hand cannot hold the cup firm.  But when it spills—there is always more to receive.

Do you need more faith?  Or less doubt?

Both!  And as faith grows, doubts diminish.

As you declare more and more—“yes, I believe regardless of what I see!”...the grip of doubt loosens.

And as you see His faithfulness you believe more and doubt less.

Intentionally look for faithfulnessGod’s as well as your own.  Look for where He has shown Himself faithful to you.  Look for where you have shown yourself faithful to Him.  Record it. 

Write in a journal your relationship of faithfulness to one another.  If not in pen, in type.

And those days you feel doubt—say out loud, “I trust you, Jesus!”  Speak truth against the lies.  Don’t muster up more strength, don’t fight your way, don’t guilt or shame or beat yourself with the stick of condemnation.  

Tell the world—your self, your circumstance, your adversary—tell them all... “I trust you, Jesus!” 

Then, the next thing you need to do.  Trusting, believing, refuting, and standing firm in your confession!

“You ARE good, God!  You ARE faithful!  And I WILL trust in you!”