Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Only Words That Matter

Father God delights in us and the words our lives write.  Live the words you believe.  Love your words enough to live them.

Trust the One who carves His words on your heart to gather ready listeners.

Your way may be gentle, soft...poetic.  Mine, a bit louder—messier...clumsy... J

What matters most is our tarry with the AuthorOur time spent in the stillness of a quiet place given to listen, die, receive and be renewed.  Our continued abiding while swirling amongst hearts and routines...the world we actively participate in. 

In our words—spoken and not—we reflect.

Our words reflect where our heart abides.

My life is my mouthpiece, as is yours.  My desire is to yield my heart, my time, my space, my choices, my expectations...all that creates my words—to the God of words.  We are not responsible for how the words of our lives are received—only how they are spoken. 

We write our words by living them.  We write on hearts, by impressions, through impact. 

His grace led steps await obedience borne from desire...and trust.
Keep hungering and seeking...He promises to be found. 
Keep writing faithfulness in your living.

The only words that matter are those we live.