Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Is My God! ~ Part 2

Touched by the Healer’s healing hand. How do I even begin to describe the ecstasy of emotions?

Lying in bed last night, I had a lot on my mind...
...8:50 a.m. doctor appointment.
...Knowing what she would want to suggest this third meeting in 2 weeks.
...Words of concerned husband trusting me with this body given to him.
...My own swirl of thoughts and physical concerns

Last tearful plea to Loving Father at late hour... “I don’t know what to do God. I want to rest confidently in this decision whatever the outcome. Direct my heart, my thoughts, in the way to go.”

Scattered reminders of household chores flutter about when thoughts came to my ear—received so decidedly; definitely not of my own imagination.

I awaken restless sleeper next to me to share the plan given by the Giver of all things.

We share smiles in the night...peace for minds...kisses given and received with relief!

From conversation with the nurse then the doctor, I make known what was made known to me the night before. “This is what I’d like to do” spoken with a confidence and authority not typical for me.

Miracle revealed!

Words from my doctor at the last ultrasound were shock and disbelief in what she witnessed. Unbelievable the amount of blood and clotting for all that had already been lost. Remaining tissue. Body confused in the change of plans for this special place. Responding with more blood to make up for what was shed.

Then came this day.

Another peek into God’s creation workshop.

Words from my doctor of delightful surprise. Empty. Beautiful. Perfect.


So little outward blood flow this time--so unlike the week prior.

It is uncommon but possible for the body to absorb an abruptly ended pregnancy. Yet all the more rare for being this far along and with the vast amount present.

This is my God!

My miracle working, while I rest and wait and not take back what I left at the foot of the cross, God!

Inadequate words of gratefulness for your gracious words and appreciated prayers! Thank you, kind friends!

Thank you, merciful God!

(This Is My God! ~ Part 1)