Monday, September 8, 2008

Daily Bathed in Psalms

Earlier, I shared the daily study of the book of Proverbs. This can be just as easily, systematically done with the book of Psalms.

Each day you will visit 5 Psalms. If you combine this study with the daily Proverb, you will be covering 6 chapters in the Old Testament daily. A couple shared with your children over breakfast, lunch and dinner would not only be a way to keep your heart focused on God throughout the day, but the hearts of your family as well.

All you do is read the Psalm that corresponds with the day of the month that it is. Then read each 30th Psalm after that for a total of 5 for the day. For example, today is September 8. I would then read Psalms 8, 38, 68, 98, and 128. On the 31st of the month, spend your day pouring over the long and beautifully rich 119th Psalm.

May I suggest you slow down as you read over these short chapters. Ask the “5 W’s and an H” questions of the text. Who is speaking? What is being said? What do the words mean? Why is this important? Why is the writer sharing this? What was going on at the time? When am I to do “this and that”? How do I now apply this teaching to my life? What do you want me to learn from this word from You today, Lord?

If you do not already have a Bible study, start with this and see how God takes you fuller and deeper into His word. Look up cross-references listed in the margin of your Bible. See how wonderfully God interweaves His teaching, His truths, His character throughout the entire Book.

Even if you are already engaged in a study, add this time in the Psalms and Proverbs somewhere throughout your day.

Set up several Bibles throughout your home so that this can be more easily accomplished. Set a small Bible by the toilet in the bathroom. Prop a Bible up by the kitchen sink or near the baby’s changing table. Set one up in your laundry room. Perhaps you take an afternoon nap while little ones are napping, soak up a Psalm or two before you close your eyes to rest.

Make a recording of you, or your children, reading through the Psalms for the day. Then the following month all you need do is play back that section of Psalms already in their “every 30th” order. Not only will the children love hearing their own voices, but a different way of learning is engaged.

We are to be in the world but not of it (John 17:15, 16). What better way to do this than daily, hourly keeping ours heart aligned with Him by constant bathing in the Word.