Monday, August 11, 2008

Turning 17

It will never cease to amaze me how each turn of the clock, though only a day, adds up so very quickly until they are piled high with years. We make comments like “where has the time gone?” or “time flies” or as I commented in April how time goes by “in the blink of an eye”.

I am really not attempting to be melodramatic here or even sentimental. I find myself making all the comments that I heard others say when I was a child and thought “how stupid...of course I’ve grown, since my mother said the last time we saw you I was 2 years old” or “are you kidding, time goes by so’s 7 whole months until Christmas”.

Our oldest child turned 17 last Monday. I think back to when I was 17 and I really don’t feel that much older. Other than my body betraying me at certain times, I think and feel like I am still in my young 20’s. Does everybody feel that way? Then I watch my children as they grow older and each year does “fly” by and I am amazed that I could be old enough to have such fine young adults living with me on this journey.

Brianne was the first of our 6 blessings to grace our lives and our home. I was so young and na├»ve. I remember the shock and fear that I felt as we were preparing to leave the hospital after she was born. I couldn’t believe that they were actually going to let this baby leave with me! I mean, I had NO IDEA what I was doing! Isn’t it against the law or something to entrust a living being, a baby, with such an inept, young woman. What if something went wrong? What if I didn’t know how to make her happy, calm her cries, feed her correctly, etc.? As much as I loved her and wanted her I was so fearful that I wouldn’t know how to “do” this mothering thing. I mean, I was a business major and had been so focused on the career that I was going to have...this baby was really messing with my emotions and focus and inabilities.

Wow, God! Now 17 years have passed. This precious baby is now my lovely daughter and friend. She graciously allowed this mother so many growing mistakes and loved her in the midst of them. She was the catalyst that God used to turn this woman's heart toward her home. How dear, how precious this life is to me!

Brianne, you are such a challenging encouragement to your mother! I am so excited to see your growing faith and walk in the Lord. Your passion for your Savior, your passion for learning and life in general. I am a better person, a better follower of Jesus Christ because of your life’s testimony. I can never express to you adequately my joy, my appreciation to the Father for choosing our home and our family to place you.

Your sweet smile in the morning warms my heart. Your gentle way with your little brother and sisters, challenges me to stay sweet. Your heart that is learning to yield to the two older boys because their masculinity desires it, although you are older, impresses me. As you continue to daily “die to self” in various areas, you encourage your mother to do the same.

Happy Birthday, dear daughter. May age 17 be full of great growth, learning and following hard after God.

You are greatly loved!

(Picture is of Brianne with her birthday present--her new sewing assistant :)