Saturday, April 19, 2008

In the Blink of an Eye

How can the years go by so quickly? I am reminded of that song from “Fiddler on the Roof” where Tevia sings “I don’t remember growing older, when did they?”

I look up into the face of this man…young, yes…but no longer a boy, a man! And yes I look up, as he is over 6 feet tall and that face I look into has whiskers adorning the top lip. When did he become a man and no longer my little boy? In the blink of an eye!

Only yesterday, he was my snuggle bear who loved being held and cuddled by his Mama. Today, his strong, capable arms hold and snuggle his little brother and help me with the chores I don’t have the strength to accomplish.

Yesterday, he was my train boy…a “Thomas the train” fan who talked trains and built track almost all day long. Today, he dreams of getting his license and a car of his own to drive as he tears up the back hill on his motorbike.

Yesterday, I was teaching him his alphabet and numbers. Today, he teaches me how to fix all of the “oops” I make on the computer.

Yesterday, I was teaching him to read so he could take adventures and be whoever he wanted to be. Today, he goes on adventures with his Dad and works with him as his apprentice.

Yesterday, I was opening doors for him and making sure he was safe. Today, he opens doors for me and looks out for my safety and that of his siblings.

Yesterday, I was loving on, teaching, training and discipling a little boy. Today, I am loving on, teaching, training and discipling a young man…in a different way.

Yesterday, the midwife placed the most precious 9 pound baby boy in my arms as tears of joy streamed down my face and my husband kissed my cheek. Today, my baby turns 14 years old! As he kisses me on the cheek before bed, the tears that flow are still joyful, but they realize now just how fast time truly does fly!

Yesterday became today in the blink of an eye!

Enjoy the journey…enjoy those who share the pilgrimage with you…just don’t blink!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Jesse! We love you so much! How grateful I am to God to be your mother. What an honor to be your Mama! You are incredible and I am blessed to call you mine!