Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Unexpected

Only up since that morning, how could I hope one would come so soon to the feeder when I had rarely seen any visit my yard in the five years it had been mine. 

In my chair by the window, with book in hand I read the words, “You can trust Me, Robin.”  Never is my own name in print.  The sun was beginning to go down as I asked once more for a visitor to the bright red nectar.

My thoughts drifted back to August—and the few days of quiet respite at the lake home of a friend.  I had not expected the new friends I made on the back patio.  Flitting, flirting, flying so close to me and stopping in mid-air to stare me down.  These tiny, playful creations—such a gift to a soul weighed down with overwhelming fear and confusion, to the point where putting the “happy” mask on each morning was becoming effort.  Under more pressure than the heart was created for, joy burst.  They freed sweet joy!

Months and hot, summer days were long gone.  Was I looking for the ridiculous or for a life-line?  Wasn’t I really asking for grace?  He had said I could ask Him anything.  Even for a hummingbird?

I read my name, black on white once more . . . looked up—and saw grace perched on red plastic.

*This is my first attempt at Five Minute Fridays after meeting the lovely, Lisa-Jo at Relevant.  She gives a topic to write on and we are to write, non-stop for 5 minutes with no backtracking or editing.  Wow--was that hard for me!  This was more like 7 minutes because at the end of 5 even I was left hanging! :)  Hope that was okay.*