Saturday, April 2, 2011

Safe While Being Saved ~ Part 2

{May I suggest you begin here if you did not already read what I shared yesterday?}

Living on the other side of abuse defined who I was.  Not because I wanted to play the victim, but because I was!  I was the victim of a man’s selfish, distorted, sexual needs and I was the victim of his use of spiritual authority over me for control, compliance and silence.  I was a very confused, lonely victim.  And nobody knew it.  Not even me! 

I was just living.  Going from day to month, circumstance to situation, event to activity taking in and responding out of my wreckage.  I developed my own set of coping skills.

Satan knew my experiences and studied my reactions, using them against me.  This is what he does with all of us!  His assaults aren’t new—they aren’t even creative, but they work because they feed our doubt and stir our resentment.  Satan stirred my doubts that God loved me and fed anger drenched sorrow over my injustices.  Every time I sinned I agreed with him, giving him more access to my heart, will and emotions.  Over the years he built some mighty strong fortresses that opposed God’s truth, further compromising my life in Christ.

Strongholds of—
And the list goes on . . .

There was a lot of wreckage—there still is some.

But God!

God is into salvage! J

To be put to good, profitable use—a vessel must be salvaged . . .
saved and made whole!

We are God’s handiwork—created vessels through which He spreads the gospel and His glory.  He can and does use us in our current state, yes!  But there are restrictions because we need fixing up.  We need continuing salvation.

As I mentioned yesterday, part of being salvaged is being safe in the being saved
I don’t think I can say that enough for me to hear!!! 

If you have ever feared "any thing", if you have ever feared the valleys and the “where He might take me’s”, the “what if’s” . . .
you need to hear this again!  
There is no safer Port for your damaged vessel!  
He is a Shelter like no other.
You are safe as you are being saved!

Salvage is not only the rescuing of the vessel and its crew, but it is the saving of the goods or property that were in danger of damage or destruction.  God’s salvaging is complete! 
He goes after the vessel (YOU!) 
and the goods (all you have to offer!)

To salvage is to . . .
get back,
fetch back!

Jesus is fetching you back for repairs with the purpose of restoring that which was lost or damaged, in danger or destroyed.

He repossessed you to redeem you!

He is liberating you from the junk, 
the waste, and all the scrap 
that unnecessarily binds you!

Salvaging is and has been and will be an on-going process our entire lives.  He desires to go deeply with us as we seek to seek Him deeper.  He rewards those who seek Him.  He wrote that!  He promised that!  And God keeps His word!  Believe in it and trust Him to keep you safe.  You can be no safer than you are today; wrapped in and under the shadow of His wing
You cannot get loose—ever! 

  • Trust Him in the salvaging process.
  • See with the eyes of your heart, your spiritual eyes—not your physical eyes of the flesh.
  • Trust His heart towards you.
  • Trust what He has said.
  • Trust, obey, and be grateful in and for the process.
  • Look for Him in every moment of doubt.
  • Believe what you know to be true—in faith and by experience.

Trust His faithfulness from the past to be faithful for your today!

“Dearest friends...put into action God’s saving work in your lives, obeying God with deep reverence and fear.  For God is working in you, giving you the desire to obey him and the power to do what pleases him.”  Phil. 2:12, 13

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