Friday, March 11, 2011

My Girls

Today we are preparing our home for 13 little ladies to join us for "tea" tomorrow.  My eldest daughter and I have been excitedly planning the menu, the activities, and the fun to celebrate our two littlest ladies and their friends in what we love to do regularly around here.
Have tea parties!!!  

Let me introduce you to my girls alongside some pictures of us enjoying our favorite Tea Room.  Although we would love to visit weekly, we traditionally share High Tea together here on the last day of the year.

I look at these beautiful girls and
I. am. speechless!

Who am I?

No one . . . with not much to offer no one.

And yet . . . God!

God, who is my everything, offers me more than I could ever even imagine that I would want!

The girl who dreamed of a career (and maybe a baby or 2 on the side) is offered an unimaginable dream come true!

Brianne Elizabeth . . .

The first.

The offspring that springs me into motherhood . . .

ready or not . . .

. . . and I was not!

I still remember the fear as we left the hospital the morning after she was born. "How could you possibly let this baby come home with me!  I have no idea what I am doing!  I could hurt her!!!"

And yet, there were other babies to care for so this one was sent with me.

My first, my oldest, my graduate (who survived the transition from private school, to public school, to homeschool with a mother who was reading the books and crying while we began learning a new way of learningtogether).  Now, my sister and sojourner with Christ.  A fellow Prayer Counselor at our church.  My dearest friend and desperately needed accountability partner!  I learned a new way to love from her. . . as a mother.

 Faith Charis . . .

 ( the Greek word for "grace" . . .  for her name, we pronounce it "ka-rees")

All our children are gifts of grace every baby is a grace baby!

Faith was our first gift given out of faith to trust Him more . . .

trust Him in homeschooling
trust Him with how to grow them up
trust Him not to let me screw up too much and mess them up
trust Him with who He wanted to be in our family
trust Him to bless my wombor nothowever He chose 
trust Him to reverse the broken "fix" we had allowed

Being her Mama has grown deep my faith and widened the narrow view I had of grace.  No sweeter name . . . no sweeter face . . . no sweeter, sweet girl than my Miss Faith!

Jelena Joy . . .

(pronounced Ja-lay-na and meaning "filled with praise" so yep . . . put that altogether and you've got "filled with joyful praise!" Nice huh . . . yeah, I think so! :)

This young lady is quite a pistol and I see great accomplishments in her future because this girl doesn't give up or in easily.

She's something else . . . let me tell you!

She is the one God used to bring me to the feet of my Savior when I realized I could no longer do all that I was trying to do out of my own strength.  It took me awhile, but after a few years of ugly (much ugly) God graciously brought me to a place of sweet surrender that never would have happened had I not taken the earlier plunge into faith.

My joy!  My precious Jelena Joy!

Together, they are 3 of the most beautiful ladies in the world.  The soft, feminine side of my world.

So many mother so much better than I do!  
So many times I fall short or flat out fail at this!

Just one more reason why I am so desperately 
dependent upon Jesus and grateful for His grace!  
Because I need so much of it.
They need it in me!

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