Wednesday, February 2, 2011

God Alone Sanctifies

Today I am restless.

I shake the branches looking for fruit.

In the quiet of our time together, I hear Him ask...

“Do you trust Me?  
Really trust Me?”

I think I do.  I believe I do.  I want to!

“Then feed My sheep!  What you know.  What you understand.  In what you have to offer—feed My sheep.”

So many mother better than I.
So many homeschool better than I.
So many homemake better than I.
So many disciple better than I.
So many “train up” better than I.
So many write better than I.

It is difficult to lie down and rest at His feet when my heart is frantic.

Shortcomings shout over His still small voice.

“In and out of your home feed others with blessings, love, encouragement and acceptance for where they are right now.  Feed words of life.  Feed them in prayer.  Make much of Me.  Whatever is good that you have to offer...feed them!  Then let me do the rest in hearts and minds”

You equip me, Lord.  Perfectly!  Where I fall short in my eyes is where You have chosen to not equip me more.

Not all consequences are my responsibility. 
Not all things are contingent upon human hands involvement.

Some things are meant for God alone 
and sanctification of the heart.

So I pray!  I pray for those I love.  I pray great things be done—for great things He hath done!

Much more is accomplished in my prayers than I could possibly know.

Thank you, Father!

What are you feeling restless about today?  What shortcomings are you concerned about?  You have been fully equipped for all He has called you to do!  Are you believing that today?  Are there hearts that concern you that you need to release to God's care and prayer?

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