Monday, January 31, 2011

Simple Truth

You are loved!  Deeply and completely—perfectly loved!
Surely you’ve heard those words before.  Perhaps even said them to yourself or to cheer on another.

Do you believe it—really believe it is true?  About you?
Do you feel it—deep within, do you feel intimately and magnificently loved?
Do you recognize it—or are you searching for affection and fulfillment?
Do you live it—are you walking as one who is wanted; with a smile on your face and head held high?
The simple truth is…God loves you!
He loves who you are today as much as when He created you.  He loved you as you were being wounded and emotionally injured as a child growing up in this evil, hateful place.  He loves you in the midst of hardship and while enduring injustices.  He loves every inch of your being—every hair upon your head.