Friday, January 7, 2011

Be Still And Know That I Am God!

A few days back I shared with a friend how I awoke that morning to God speaking sweet words over me. I didn’t even realize it was Him at first.  But once the grogginess began to wear off I knew the words in thought were His and took in all He was saying.  I smiled, saying "thank you God", and although soon after I couldn't remember one thing He had said—I knew it was loving and sweet and I carried the warmth of that moment with me into the rest of the day.

My friend likened it to a mother waking her children in a loving manner. The children may not remember what she said, but they knew it was time to get up and Mama was loving them awake.

This morning was different. I awoke to chaotic conversations vying for my attention. Some were urgent. I couldn't tell you now what they were saying or asking, but I do remember the confusion, the urgency, and the noise.

All of a sudden I heard the words, "Be still and know that I Am God."

And that was that!

No more words, no more chaos, no more...anything!

Usually when I think of that phrase it's because I am frazzled or in a place of the unknown or unexpected and I am worried...scared even. But this was different. I wasn't feeling any of those feelings (I was just trying to wake up :). So when the words came, along with some awakeness, I asked for more:

BE STILL—stay at rest, in a quiet-hearted this wake up time...

AND KNOW—know what you believe in, have faith in... "IS!" Don't fret over what is confusing or what hasn’t been made clear to you yet.  Be confident in what you do "know". Keep "knowing" it firmly, passionately, resolutely...

THAT Inot the world, not the United Nations, not the US economy or failing dollar, not the wars going on, not the candidates for political office, not the validated concerns you have for the future concerning your family, the church, etc. "I" the "I AM"…your Abba Father—the only True Sovereign—yep, that "I"...

AM GODElohim "the Creator"; El Roi "the God Who Sees"; El Shaddai "the All-Sufficient One"; El Elyon "the God Most High"; Jehovah-jireh "The LORD Will Provide"; Jehovah-rapha "The LORD that Healeth"; Jehovah-shalom "The LORD is peace"; Jehovah-sabaoth "The LORD of Hosts"; Jehovah-raah "The LORD My Shepherd"; Jehovah-tsidkenu "The LORD Our Righteousness"; Jehovah-shammah "The LORD Is There"; El Olam "The Everlasting God"            ...well, you get the picture! :)

There is a lot that I want to accomplish in my home today. Several things needing to get done. But my heart and my mind feel like resting—to simply "be still".   

By keeping these thoughts in my immediate thoughts, I am resisting all the "hype" outside my doors and "tyranny of the urgent" from within.

That we can confidently rest knowing we are well cared for—watched over! What joy!

Rest with me, will you?