Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Freedom In Surrender—Part 2

If you haven’t already, you may want to read yesterday’s writing before continuing...

It’s not about looking like we are choosing right by being or doing good, but in releasing our rights to choose at all!

SeekHim first instead of others
Listenletting Him guide you
Followwhere He leads you
Lovewho He places before you
Livesurrendering your right to choose

I think I have a right to choose how I will live.  I surrender that to Him.  I let Him direct me through His Word and example of Jesus.  I don’t let others be my example.  I don’t let others tell me how to live.  I don’t ask others to answer my questions.  I ask Him.  I bring the questions to Him.  I wait for Him.  I trust the Holy Spirit within to be the Counselor He was promised to be!

Freedom is in surrender.

Surrendering my way of doing things which are naturally going to be based on what I see others doing.  Surrendering my idea of how life should be done which is also tainted by the ideas of others.  Surrendering my understanding and “making sense of it all” because that is the world’s way.

By surrendering my time to meet with God, I surrender my chains to the world’s way of doing things.

Freedom is bound in surrender.

Surrender rights
Surrender cares
Surrender fears
Surrender pain
Surrender anger
Surrender objections
Surrender expectations
Surrender disappointments

Surrender my self to my Maker!

Not as a puppet on a string.  It is the world who plays its troop as fools bound to strings attached! 

In the darkness we will follow anyone looking to have a light. 

Peace only comes when we trust the One with the Light.

Only one Light is trustable! 

(The Body of Christ is CRUCIAL!  I am NOT in any way trying to say that we should NOT go the Body, be guided by the Body and listen to the words of the Body!  But too often we go to the Body before—and even instead of—going to the God of the Body!  The Bible is the Truth, the Light.  Everything anyone in the Body tells you to do or directs you in should be aligned with both the Truth and the Light!  Go to God first.  Ask Him.  Wait on Him.  Listen.  Then take what you believe you received from Him to the Truth and to trusted members of the Body to see that it lines up and is not contrary to the Word.  Take any teaching back to the Word.  Don’t walk in what others say is the way—learn the Way! ~ Blessings my friends...)