Monday, October 18, 2010


Will I be remembered for Joy?  Will you?

I want to live joyfully, hopefully, lovingly, faithfully!  Just for myself!!!  But I know too that the joy of the Lord permeates the air around a joy-filled person like a sweet smelling, intoxicating fragrance.

I want to rest in joy, live in joy, pursue in joy, encourage in joy, grieve in joy....  Let joy so overtake me that misery cannot stand a chance.

So how do we frustrate the enemy’s attempts to rob us of our joy?

Delight in life!
Delight in God!
Delight in those around us!
Delight in being!

Rejoice in every thing!
Rejoice in all things!
Rejoice in our calling!
Rejoice in our hope!

In our day in and day out regimen of routine, joy needs to be our pinnacle foundation.  The root that grows down deep and holds us steadfast in the worst of storms.  The joy of the Lord truly is our strength!

Joy is intoxicating!

Make others drunk around you by your infectious resolve to maintain a true spirit of joy regardless of what this world throws at you.  One who trusts in God—really trusts Him—can remain in joy regardless of any situation.  Ahh...tough to picture in me now, but true!

Joy was not designed to be dependant upon circumstance.  That is happiness.  “Happy” comes from the root word “happenstance”.  True joy is not fakey, calloused, lovelessness wearing a smile.  Joy is hope (confident expectation of God’s goodness) realized down to one’s core...the soul.

When our hope in God through Jesus Christ resides steadfast down deep—our lives, our messages and our ministries will explode!  With God’s kind of joy, firmly planted in hope, established with trust.

I will never have a powerful testimony until I resist the evil one’s attempts and ability to bring me down emotionally.  Being easily swayed by circumstance does not entice any one! 

There is nothing victorious about joylessness!

Dear God—I pray that joy would so envelop me that I would...
Be joy to a joyless people!
Be light to a dying world!
Be hope to the hurt and sorrowful!
Be Jesus’ joy to whomever I come in contact with!
I cannot be full of joy if I am full of self.  Selfishness, self focus, self pity do not mix with Jesus and, therefore, cannot mix with joy.  It’s one or the other...and it’s my choice! 
Help me to replace wrong thought patterns with joy!  
Help me to replace wrong attitudes with joy! 
Help me to replace discontent and ingratitude with joy! 
Help me to replace all that robs me with the lavishness of joy!
By your grace through the Holy Spirit within...Amen!