Monday, October 18, 2010


Well...(sheepish grin here J) I’m thinking I should have covered myself in prayer a bit longer this morning before posting that little diddy on joy!  In the 4 hours since that went up, it got pretty interesting around here. 

First, I found out that our iron is now not working.  I honestly cannot tell you how many things, appliances, body parts and vehicles have given in to the stress of functioning properly lately.  It’s a lot! 

Secondly, my fifth blessing is on a mission this morning to single-handedly wipe out any joy lurking in her midst.  I find it more than coincidental or “interesting” that this is a regular occurrence with her seeing that her middle name IS JoyDon’t think the adversary is gonna let that one go by unnoticed!

Thirdly, my house is a mess!  Now...that may not mean much to the rest of you all—but them’s ingredients for ugly words in the making of this sinner’s fleshly heart.  No one else seems to see the joy invoked by clean, neat and tidy like I do.  And we are missing it all over the place here today!

And then there were all the “little” things (those things that just seem to slowly let the air out of my joy balloon).  A phone call message that means more responsibility than I wish I was responsible for right now.  The voter pamphlet sitting on my desk...and ALL the feelings that little baby stirs up in me.  Being asked by my third blessing what the writing assignment was for the week and having to admit I didn’t have it ready for him...again.  And add to that the frustration with our heating system as I wait for the furnace man to come make a visit tomorrow.

Joy—where for art thou, joy?

It’s in there...down deep.  It’s wrapped up in the hope seed growing in my soul-dirt.  Just need to confess my failings, receive the washing of forgiveness and let those same waters of grace water that seed!  No shame, no condemnation...He’s the God of many second-chances!  He smiles on a repentant heart!

God is for me!  Nothing can be against me—unless I allow it.

Now, four hours into my confession of joy I hear in the other room my fifth and sixth blessing sharing anything but joy with one another. 

I gotta run, but wanted to be real with you and let you know we’re all in this together.  Learning, growing, sharing, repenting, forgiving, maturing....  I’m so glad you’re with me.  It makes the walk less lonely, the failings less burdensome.

The joy of the Lord IS. MY. STRENGTH!  I pray it is yours today as well.  And I pray your iron works for ya too! J