Friday, September 24, 2010

Believe Deep! ~ Part 3

Perhaps there is an area in your life that you believe deeply in concerning God.  Some area, some thing that He has proven Himself a very personal way.  Maybe it was a miraculous healing for yourself or someone you know.  Maybe it was one of those cries for “help now!” and He rescued in a way that only He could have.  Maybe it was the fulfillment of an intense longing of the heart.  Or perhaps a distinct answer to prayer. 

Think a moment—is there something big that you believe in without doubt that God has done for you?

Now, take that belief—that unwavering, doubt-free, deep, fervent faithinto everything!!!  Let this faith flow freely to all areas of your life—unstopped by unbelief.

We grow faith down deep by believing without doubt and speaking that belief out loud.  Let the evil one hear that you are believing in spite of what you see, hear or are experiencing. 

Keep believing.  Keep speaking your belief.  Keep reminding yourself of His faithfulness in the past—in that one thing, in other things, to others you know, in your church, to past believers of the faith, from the Bible.  Claim that same faithfulness for yourself in whatever situation you find yourself in!

This is not “name it & claim it” theology.  This is believing God loves you and will complete in you the good work He began (Phil. 1:6).  It is believing His character is unchanged from person to person.  That His goodness, faithfulness and trustworthiness is true!

Here’s my struggle—it’s with those times God didn’t appear faithful.  Martyrs who were not spared.  Christians old and young who die of cancer, accidents, or at the hands of others.  Satan comes after me in doubts of God’s protection!  “Why would He help you?”  “Why would He give _________ to you?”  “Why would He save you, when He didn’t save others?”

What do I do with the doubt here?

Be relentless in going after every lie Satan speaks to me!  Squelch it!  Squelch the lie with truth.  Speak the truth boldly, out loud, even if there is some doubt.  Speak against the doubt and for the truth—that God is faithful...He is good...He is trustworthy...He does have wonderful things planned for me! 

I go with all I know to be true in our quiet times together.  What I have heard Him say to me and how He has led me.  I believe in His words to me personally over any thing that has ever happened (or not happened) to any one else.  I claim the promises that He has given.  I speak belief that they are indeed the Truth and that all the wonderful things He has promised will come about. 

I cling to the promises He has made because He does not go back on His word!

There are a couple of big, important “things” before me right now.  Out of the ordinary, regular, day-in and day-out stuff.  Two things.  One I desperately need His help with.  One I desperately want to do.  I cannot solve the one problem on my own.  I cannot make what I want to have happen in the other happen.  Neither is solvable unless His hand moves.  That’s just where it is.  And I’m thinking that you probably have a thing or two yourself like that going on in your world.  We usually always have least one thing, that we visibly know we can not make work out in our favor in our own strength or with our own effort. 

This is why I am past ready to get my belief deep in God’s good will revealed in my life.  Because I no longer want to live in anxiety, frustration and fear—having my mind and emotions so wrapped up that I am unable to live in joy, giving my all to those around me.

Our fears are oftentimes realistic concerns.  But we need not fear their outcome.  Fear binds me.  I am free in Christ!  Regardless of the state of my need.  Regardless the provision needed.  Regardless the enormity of the situation.  I. am. free. in. Christ!

Fear is from the evil one.  Always and in every situation.  Don’t let him control your life.  When you fear—you allow him reign in your heart.  And although it may just be in this one or only a few areas...his fear overtakes and overshadows all other emotions and areas of victory and joy!

Rejoice in the Lord always—again I say rejoice. (Phil. 4:4)

Consider it joy when you face trials of various kinds. (James 1:2)

My two issues mentioned above are my trials right now.  And I need to consider them a joyful journey getting to see what God is going to do for me—all that He can and will accomplish.  It doesn’t have to be all bad. J  Not when I believe God for big things and walk faithfully, believing He will come through for me—always!  No matter what! 

If I expect big things from God, I shall receive big rewards!  It may not always turn out as I had hoped.  And most likely it won’t look the way I planned.  But I already surrendered my will to His long ago.  That is not the issue—I don’t want my will in these or other situations I face.  I want His will to be done in my life and I want to receive ALL that will has to offer.  I don’t want to miss any part of it because I am not walking in faith.  I don’t want to have regrets later because of unbelief.

To walk in victory—not defeat!
Walk rejoicing—not fearing!
Walk trusting—not doubting!
Walk in hope—not in anxiety!

The rewards could be tangible or they could be growth.  That’s what I want.  Whatever the reward is for facing the trial faithfully.  I want it!

If I don’t receive it’s only because I didn’t believe.  Not because He wasn’t faithful, but because I was faithless! 

Grow my faith deep, Father...deeper still!