Thursday, September 23, 2010

Believe Deep! ~ Part 2

There is blessing in belief.  And that blessing is reward.  I do not believe that God will consistently reward a continually faithless believer.  The Christian faith is based!  If there is no effort being made to believe—apart from belief in a name for a safe eternity—there can be no trust in the One who is believed in!

I cannot believe in God, but not believe God!  I mean, I can—a lot of us live there, but there is no life, no joy, no hope and especially no peace where there is no trust built by deep belief!  These are all rewards lost to unbelief!

The god most believe in IS NOT GOD!  Most do not even begin to give Him credit for what He has done, is doing and will continue to do—and all that He is capable of doing.

What a small god we think we want.  How much we are missing!  For what?  Mediocrity!  Who wants that?  Even non-believers want more for themselves than that.  God has such good gifts He wants to give us to bless our lives well.  But He will not move apart from faith.  My lack of faith keeps God’s will from being done—for me on earth and for others to heaven.  This is big!  This is important!  Because my lack of faith is a testimony in itself!

This must greatly sadden...and madden God.  I need to start believing today that He is the God who parted those seas (power & authority).  He is the God of quail and manna (daily provision & faithfulness).  He is the God who heals (miracles & restoration).  And He is MY God!

I need to take this truth in deeply.  Not just write about it here, but get it deeply into my heart and my thinking so that my responses change.  My belief deepens.  My trust widens.  My fruit explodes!  And so that blessings abundant would fall down around me and all those I love and have influence over.

I know the truth—now I need to walk in it.  “You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free!”  (John 8:32)  I need to pray and work this truth into being—not by striving, but simply...believing!  Then realize true victory in my life as I walk believing without doubt!

He is so powerful!  So much is available to us!

God says that if we seek Him we will find Him—if we seek Him with all our heart (Jer. 29:13).  THIS IS FINDING HIM!  Finding more truth in the Truth than we ever thought possible!  “Above what we could ever ask or imagine...” Eph. 3:20.

This is the kind of God He is.  He is thoroughly good and good enough to trust thoroughly.  So do it!  Trust Him by believing in and for those big things.  It’s not selfish!  It’s what He wants us to do!!!

Believe!  Believe!  Believe!  Believe and do not doubt!  Believe!

Pray without doubt, without hesitation, without unbelief!

Know He loves you, walks with you wherever you go and He only wants and allows good things.  He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, David, Moses...and He is the God of—you!

Believe Him for all you need, all you desire, all you can imagine! 

I am going to come to the table He prepared for me ahead of time.  I believe in it.  To come...feast...receive the fullness of all the good things He has prepared for me.  THAT IS HIS WILL!  THAT I WOULD RECEIVE!

And the more I receive, the deeper I believe!