Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mighty To Save

I am so thankful today that God saves me from my sins!  It would be enough that the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ saved me from the penalty of death due to sin.  But He goes farther.  He goes deeper.  He redeems the result, the consequences that come, of sins and the making of bad choices.  This is a mighty, saving grace, if you ask me! 

When I am regretful and broken—He can go to work; within me and within my circumstance.  Some consequences of our choices—perhaps not even sinful, just wrong—leave us with much burden.  But our errors, fully acknowledged, can become some of the most fruitful situations for Him to work in.

I am thinking today about a decision made.  When I ask God to show me if a closed door was kicked in, I can’t see one.  But I do acknowledge that there were warnings given and missed that this was not the best of options.  It was a choice; one made based on the conditions of my life at that time.

This is why it is so crucially important to come to God for making decisions.  I am learning that over time.  He is my Counselor and my Guide.  When I select an option based solely on what I can see and what is going on presently, I miss out on the Wisdom necessary for making the best choice.

I believe we have all heard or said at least once in our life, “I made the best decision based on what I knew at the time.”  And this can be a very valid comment!  I am not saying there is anything at all wrong with it.  What I am realizing more and more, however, is the importance of moving slowly whenever possible and waiting before God for Him to move me in the way I should go.  Too often, I move full speed ahead towards something exciting because I do not want to miss out on the opportunity.  Sometimes, the opportunity would be best if it were missed.

So...what to do now?  The bad choice has been made.  The consequence huge; overwhelming really!  I’ve repented and have been forgiven for not seeking His face before.  What more could I receive in seeking His face now?

In steps that mighty, saving grace! 

I hear Him say, “lay your burden at My feet and refuse to pick it up again.  Trust in My faithfulness for your good.  Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.  I will restore.”

God is the Redeemer, the Restorer, the Maker of all things new!  He hears our pleas and is moved by our repentative hearts.  He knows not all the things I do will be done right.  But He is pleased when I recognize and admit my sin.  When I am truly broken for not asking Him for His opinion

Where redemption of sins and poor choices is immediate, it may take time to reap the spoils of the victory from this confession.  His words to me were to “dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness”.  So while I remain in the midst of the consequence, my job is to continue to walk in faithfulness.  I am to continue to come to Him and put my trust in Him for all things—including the redeeming of this predicament.

He is pleased with a faithful heart.  I believe healing will come.  I believe restoration is mine!  His hand will move and this too shall be redeemed.  I trust Him to do it.  I wait on Him and pray believing that He does what He says He will do.  He is faithful to His word. 

He is mighty to save in every desperate place! 
His glory reigns and will rain upon those who are found to be faithful.  

I choose to seek Him and not this gift.  I will look to Him for redemption and not solely for the freedom from circumstance. 

I want Him, I seek Him—and in finding what I seek, freedom will come in all forms!