Friday, April 9, 2010

His Will Power

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut of “maintaining” and then look and realize how much of my day is lost or wasted with nothing—or very little—to show for it.  No one can afford to lose any precious time from any precious day.  So I’m asking God to boost within me His form of will power to want to actively go after those things in line with His will—which is also mine!

I look at the new Habit List I’ve made—to work on those things that are important to me, but consistently get put on the back burner around here.  And when something is moved to the back burner it usually gets burnt and forgotten, wasted and fruitless!

I need will power to stop doing what I should stop; will power to do what I should do.  Desire and focus, strength and ability to do our joint wills—God’s and mine!  I eventually run out of motivation, that’s why I’m after His will power.  It is the most powerful and most sustained!

What do I want?  I have to go after what I want! 

If I want faithful, Christ following children... I have to go after that by prayer and discipleship and saying “no” when it’s hard to say, but right for the situation.

If I want a better relationship with my husband... I have to go after that with decisive actions, choice words and prayer over his life.

If I want to get healthier... I have to stop eating wrong foods, eat the right ones, be active and make other healthy wise choices.

If I want to be on top of my home educating... I have to pay attention to where we’re at, where we’re going, checking in with everyone and checking on work while seeking God for making decisions over the choices available.

If I want more substance in my day with my family... I have to move past desiring and make it reality—whether that be family meal times, prayer, time spent in the word, playing together, outings, conversations, read-a-louds—whatever!

I cannot be content with mediocrity!  Instead, I must want what I want bad enough and then go actively in pursuit of making those wants a reality.  Not in pushing and striving!  But no more passivity with my day, my activity and my family.  I don’t have time to waste.  I need to get angry with wasted time and useless activity.  Each day is precious and unrepeatable! 

To have God’s will power is to go after each day purposefully, passionately and joyfully!  In all my callings; in all areas of my life!