Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time Wasters

We all have “time wasters” in our livesNo, I’m not talking about those who we feel waste our time :).  I am talking about those things that we allow in our lives that eat up part of our 24 hour day leaving little or nothing—usually nothing—to show for it.

This could be television or movies, electronic entertainment, reading certain books or magazines of no value, computer, shopping or hobbies, etc.  There are probably so many other things we could think of together.  What could be a vice for me may be of no temptation whatsoever for you.  But, the point remains, we all have “time wasters” in our lives.

The other day I was talking with God about this and my own life.  We have busy, full lives.  Mine is no fuller or busier than yours, but of course mine will look different.  Regardless of what our “time waster” may be, the result is the same.  And, I believe, God’s heart is the same towards each one of us that falls into its trap on a regular basis.

Now, I’m not talking about those things that we do occasionally to unwind, de-stress, reprogram, whatever...  But if something has a choke-hold on your precious time and you are having a hard time loosening its grip, perhaps what follows will be helpful.

Ask yourself the following questions...

Is this the right time for this activity right now?
Is there any thing of more importance that I should be doing?
Does this activity have eternal significance?
Why am I doing it? 
            Am I procrastinating over something that needs my attention?
            Am I trying to escape my situation, my life, my work, my child, my __________ ?
            Am I just being lazy?
            Am I feeding the flesh?

Pinpoint the “why” and agree with God that it is sin and repent of it.  Take authority over the dead flesh.  Be reminded of the clothes you now wear in your new flesh—holiness and righteousness.

Repent of the sin.
Rebuke the evil one (if necessary).
Receive forgiveness.
Replace the activity with what you should.
Rejoice in the Lord and the victory you’ve just experienced!

We cannot give satan victory over our time.  Robbing us of our time is one of his tactics.

Be aware.
Be wise.
Be on guard.
Be watchful.
Be ready to recognize his sly way of lulling you.
Be strong and courageous.
Be of good cheer.
Be victorious!
Be ready to put to death any thing in the flesh that is contrary to Christ!

Rejoice!  Victory is nigh!