Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Be Aware!

No one likes to have their shortcomings smack them in the face.  Even more so when with a group of other people.  Often times, what we Christians call “shortcomings” are actually sins of choice or places in which the evil one still has a hold on us.  My most recent incident happened with a large group of believers I feel safe with.  But it still stung.  Not that it was in front of so many people.  Well, maybe that bothered me just a little... :)  But I want to be teachable! 

I want to share with others who I trust where I am not trusting God.  I desire to see through their eyes what is blinded to my own. 

So went my night with my friends.  The smack wasn’t them hearing, knowing about what I shared and what they shared as a response.  It was being reminded that the Prowling Lion had returned to an area that I have received such freedom in.  And that I had been unaware.  When the words they shared matched perfectly my track record with this Deceiver, I responded in weak hurt—defeat! 

God reminded me later that He was there.  He was present in that very room.  He saw my hurt and uncomfortableness.  He knew it was hard for me as I tried to laugh it off with my dear friend sitting next to me.  But the words stung.

Satan would have me believe—and you—that we have nothing to offer God or anyone else for that matter.  And in a way, he’s right.  That’s what he does.  He confuses, he twists the truth with his lies.  We hear just enough of the truth he feeds our thoughts that we have a hard time untangling his lies from amongst it.  And for those who still do not know that he is capable and does feed our thoughts—well, there is even more defeat in that poor soul.  Always hearing from “ourselves” our unworthiness, incapabilities, inability to measure up to what a true Believer should look like.

But we are not unworthy to our Creator.  We are capable when surrendered to His potter’s wheel.  And the one who has Christ within, measures up to the fullness of God every time!

We are significant to God.  We are significant to His purpose and to His plan for this world and for His Kingdom.  We are needed.  We are necessary in His work.  He would not have created us if that were not true.  He can accomplish His plan outside of us, but He chose to work through those who will let Him.  It isn’t ability that He’s looking for—but willingness!

Now, knowing that—believing that—let’s take a look at what would be Satan’s agenda.

He wants to make us impotent!  Many times he knows that he cannot turn our hearts from God, but if he makes us think we have nothing to offer than we don’t offer anything. We need to know that he will go after our weak places.  Those areas where he has had victory before.  Those places where he has been shaping our mindset since we were small, wounded, offended, taken advantage of, and/or have experienced deep hurt.

We need to be on guard and aware.  We need to be constantly aware of any negativity, anything contrary to the word of God entering our mind, our thoughts (2 Co. 10:5).  And when we sense the presence of the evil one, we must immediately go after him!  With truth to his lies.  With light to his darkness.  Reminding him where he is and where we are placed in the heavenlies, at the right hand of God, in the body of Christ, with all Satan’s evil beneath our feet! (Eph. 1:15-23)

We cannot allow doubt to grow from his lies.  That is why it is so crucially important that we are talking to God and hearing from Him on a regular basis.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”  John 10:27

We need to be able to discern between God’s voice, the evil one’s and our own.  As we do so, Satan will not be the least bit happy about it.  So he will “up” his tactics.  But we walk the path of victory.  He cannot conquer us if we are seeking after God! 

We are in a battle.  But we have been given everything we need for light and salvation in Jesus Christ (Psalm 27:1).  It is a battle that we win, but there will be attack and costs involved.

We need to be aware.  We need to be praying.  We need to remember that our feelings can oftentimes be misleading.  Some are very untrue!  Our investment daily with God fortifies our readiness.  Our prayers make us durable.

We need to have a higher view of the power of God than evil and despair!

We each need to then rest and trust God with the process He began in us a long time ago (Gal. 3:3). 

I need to:
Keep on
Keep asking questions
Keep listening
Keep writing down what I hear
Keep turning to Him
Keep seeking Him
Keep glorifying Him
Keep praying
Keep coming to Him
Keep expecting Him

He will always be found by me when I search Him with all my heart (Jer. 29:13). 

I am not “stuck” in those areas brought up the other night any longer.  But I know that the evil one will come after me there.  Knowing that arms me for the future; arms me for victory; arms me for producing fruit.

A surrendered life of obedience is significant.  That is why he will go after us.  We need to expect it because he will.  We need to keep close to God and we will more quickly recognize Satan's tactics, his attacks.  This will bring us victory and him the defeat!  This will also bring quicker healing.

I believe there will come a time (with commitment and obedience) where he will be unable to approach my thoughts in my weak areas.  But I must walk aware!

Victory is ours! 
Walk as significant!
Be aware!