Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Christmas Wish

How I love my sweet Jesus.

Regardless of my faithlessness, He is always faithful. Regardless of my feelings, He is always constant. Regardless of my circumstance, He is always trustworthy. Regardless of my fears, He is always peace. Regardless of my shortcomings, He is always longsuffering. Regardless of my weariness, He is always strong.  Regardless of my selfishness, He is always generous. Regardless of my self focus, He is always kind. Regardless of my impatience, He is always patient. Regardless of my grief, He is always joyous. Regardless of my laziness, He always cheers me on. Regardless of my lashings, He is always ointment to the soul. Regardless of my unbelief, He is always gracious to reveal Truth. Regardless of my sin, He is always redeeming.

Every ounce of anything “good” within me is Jesus.

Jesus is my Creator. The life-breath blown within me the day I was conceived was His. He fashioned and formed me within the secret place of my mother’s womb. Whether my days are many or not many left—they are His. My Creator, My Sustainer.

Jesus is my Savior. Through the precious gift of redemption, I AM FREE! I am free from the entanglements of weak self. I am free from the power of temptations. I am free to walk in authority over evil. I am free from the worries, cares, struggles, pain and ugly ways of this world to walk hand in victorious hand with the One who has conquered death. I am saved eternally from death and presently from the evil one.

Jesus is my Lord. I have willingly given up my rights to myself to be seated with Him at the right hand of the Father. I eagerly present myself as His bondservant. Saying “no” to that which the world offers as pleasure, to please and serve Him with my life’s words and actions.

Jesus is my friend. I go to Him with everything—all day long. I talk with Him as if He were standing right next to me in the room. When I listen—when I quiet my conversation down and still my thoughts—I hear Him talk to me. His wisdom guides me. His presence brings me peace. I even hear Him laugh with me!

This is the reason I celebrate the Christmas season.

I celebrate Christmas in my heart, in my home, with my family and with beloved traditions because every day I celebrate the God/man Jesus choosing me for life everlasting. I celebrate being chosen, being loved, being wanted, being worthwhile, being needed, being special, being bought with a price for a life to be lived victoriously in the name of my Victor. Jesus...

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus—there’s just something about that name. Master, Savior, Jesus—like a fragrance after the rain. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus—let all heaven and earth proclaim! Kings and kingdoms will all pass away, but there’s something about that name!”

There is something about that name.

There was something about that baby.

There was something about that 12 year old boy in the temple.

There was something about that man—His kindness, His teaching, His healing.

There was something about that crucifixion—“Surely, this man was the Son of God!”

There was something about that tomb—unable to hold death.

There was something about that day on the hill when the Holy Spirit came down.

There is something about the Bible—fulfilled prophecies, unparalleled wisdom, the path to life via the Pathmaker of love.

There is something about being in a personal relationship with the Son of God.

There is something about being guided daily by the Holy Spirit.

There is something about being a daughter of the Most High King.

I focus my home and my heart towards a manger during this time of the year as a love offering—my Christmas gift back to the One who focuses His home and His heart towards me every blessed moment I breathe!

I hope, I pray that you know my sweet Jesus. No greater gift has ever been offered to you. No greater gift could I ever encourage you to receive. To know without doubt that you are supremely loved and greatly desired. To know without doubt that your life was given for immeasurable purpose. To walk moment by moment with the greatest of friends, positioned with the highest of kings, living with the life-giver in the freedom offered by the only One who is able to save you—now and forever.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, my friends.

More importantly, I wish you Jesus...