Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is It Really April?

April fool’s has rushed in and I feel the fool for glancing backward and wondering to myself where have January, February and March gone? Each year whisks by so much faster than the one before it. I keep waiting, hoping to get on top of my world, my 2009, and now I find that it is ¼ of the way complete.

Where have I been?

I have been here, but these first 3 months have been a time of great growth accompanied by great challenge. I look back and wish that I had taken the time to journal it all here so that I can remember the process better now and even more so in the future. But most of this maturing, this time, has taken a great emotional, physical and spiritual toll. I don’t think that I could have put it all into words while I was in its midst. Even now, words escape me.

God is so very real to me.

My wretched fleshliness is all the more real as well.

So it is. So it goes.

I have missed my time spent here in this corner of my world. I have missed writing. I am not sure if many are even still out there checking in and reading this today. I apologize for not having it together enough to have honestly and openly documented this season of my walk these past few months. But, then again, God knew it would be that way and so I suppose that is best.

For you see, I know that I get much more out of the writing than you could ever get out of the reading. So if the writing doesn’t come, then it wouldn’t have been worth the reading in the end.

I am so happy to share this road with each of you and so happy to be back in front of this screen.

As I continue to try to keep my face seeking His, may He alone be blessed by what is both written and read in this place.