Friday, March 13, 2009

What Wondrous Love!

How I wish that I could fully grasp how God sees me and loves me! Thoughts plague my mind with insecurities, failings, short-comings... He knows these all too well and yet the Creator, Sustainer and Provider—desires a relationship with me.

His Son set aside His deity for me over 2000 years ago. His Spirit has resided within me from the day I first bent my knee in acknowledgement, worship and obedience to Him. This same Spirit leads me daily, talks to me (when I slow down and hush my thoughts long enough to listen) and alerts me to temptations so that I will turn and flee.

I see a 40 year old woman who desires to be so much further ahead than she is on this journey. He sees His beloved creation who is right where He had planned she would be at this point in her life.

I feel frustration with self and, admittedly, with Him. He feels compassion towards one that He knows desires to please Him.

I walk in brokenness, hurt and heart-ache from past injustices that have left their mark. He walks alongside me revealing these hidden pains so that they can be dealt with and banished from influencing my present and future steps.

I have regrets over bad choices with their ongoing consequences seeping into my thoughts, stirring up fresh despondency. He has freedom waiting for the seeking and asking...

I tire of myself, my inadequacies, my laziness! He never tires of hearing the sound of my voice falling on His ear as I call out to Him.

He is a God of holiness and justice. Yes! There is a line and He holds to it. But He is also a God of great love, mercy and compassion. Yes!

“How precious also are Thy thoughts to me, O God!
How vast is the sum of them!
If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand.
When I am awake, I am still with Thee.”
Psalm 139:17, 18
I am with Thee! Thee is with me! :) Is there anything more beautiful than that thought? I can’t think of a thing more wonderful than that truth. Regardless of the “me” that I struggle with, that saddens and disappoints me...He is always with me!

"O LORD, the God of Israel, there is no god like You in heaven or on earth, keeping covenant and showing lovingkindness to Your servants who walk before You with all their heart.” 2 Chronicles 6:14

Yes...with all my heart. As much as this sinful, fleshly, wretched human heart is able and that is only by the grace You so freshly, so lavishly pour out upon me daily.

What love, what wondrous love!
What love, what wondrous love!
That God should love a sinner such as I.
How wonderful is love like this!