Monday, March 2, 2009

Desperate For Jesus!

I am desperate for Jesus!

Now, your reaction to that statement may cause you to think that I am being a little melodramatic, even a bit “over the top”. But it is absolutely the truth! 100%, without a doubt, no romanticism or exaggeration implied or intended!

I am desperate for Jesus!

I know my story. I know where my life has been and those people and circumstances which have helped form it. I am who I am today because of certain people, influences, events and responses. I am who I am today because of the grace and merciful love of God. I am also who I am today because of the lies of the evil one that I have believed and the result that those have had on shaping me. Whether I am aware of them or not, these lies satan has fed me through the years (if they have not already been stopped at the door of my mind or previously weeded out) affect who I am today and how I respond to the daily situations in my life.

That is why...I am so very desperate for Jesus!

I love Him. I know Him, somewhat. :) I want to know Him better. I know where He is now—within me! That is absolutely incredible! And I also know where I (with Christ within) am seated right now—at the right hand of God!!! Even more incredible!!! I don’t desire to grow in emotion towards Jesus. I desire to grow in awareness of Him. I desire to grow in the realization of the power and authority that is mine in Him. I desire to break free from the captivity I allow myself to be held in. Yes, I allow it! I have freedom in Christ. It says so throughout the word of God (Gal. 5:1). And yet, I don’t walk in that freedom. I walk in bondage created specifically for me in my life set up by the prince of darkness. My free will dictates what I will and what I will not choose to believe. There are some lies that I have chosen to believe.

Therefore, I am desperate for Jesus!

It is in His name and in His blood that I am set free! Free from whatever holds me captive. WHATEVER!!! His freedom is complete and forever. His freedom has no short-comings. It is not lacking or temporary or for the few who are special enough to receive it. His freedom is our grace gift from the Father and it is for every one of us who choose to bow the knee. I want this freedom!

So I am desperate for Jesus!

Are you feeling desperate as well? Do you realize what/who you are desperate for? Sometimes we think it is for an easier life, a healthier body, a job with more money, a world that isn’t so scary. The truth is we are all desperate for the one thing that can only be filled by one thing! When we were formed, we each were created with an overwhelming desire to be one with our creator—God! When we are not, we have a huge deficit in our being that we try desperately to fill in other ways and by other things. Only an ongoing, filling of God in our life through a relationship with Him will satisfy this otherwise insatiable longing! We were all created this way and we can’t run from it or hope to find our filling in people, in positions or in possessions. It is only available through God’s son, Jesus Christ!

I am desperate for Jesus!

It is not a desperation that I care to ever be rid of. In fact, I need to be worried when the intensity of my desperation wanes. When self or others or things or circumstances begin to crowd in and consume me with desperations of their own—this is when I need Jesus all the more. I need to be reminded of how temporary my time here is. When my desperation keeps my eyes fixed on the lover of my soul, I am not so easily tossed to and fro by the cares and complexities of life here. I am desperate for who He is and I am desperate to be kept where He can keep me—in perfect peace! (Isaiah 26:3)

So once more...I admit that I am desperate for Jesus!

What about you? What are your desperate for? I’d love for you to join with me in being desperate for the One who wants to be all that you need—Jesus!