Thursday, October 16, 2008

Praying For The Election

Yesterday I was privileged to visit with a very good friend for a couple of hours. We spent part of that time discussing our country, the election, the candidates and what changes we could be in for following November 4th. Change will come with either candidate and with those elected to Congress. But what kind of change will we see?

There is no perfect candidate, folks. There never has been in the history of America, nor will there be. (Nope, George Washington was pretty great...but not perfect! :)

This voting year there is a lot at stake. The Republicans in Congress spent most of 2008 thwarting the efforts of the Democratic agenda to extend the onslaught of abortion, homosexual rights over religious freedom and the sanctity of marriage. In doing so, both sides always knew there was a Republican president willing to use his veto pen if necessary to keep our country from furthering itself from the statutes of God.

Those "in the know" predict Congress will once again be dominated by the Democratic party. Who we elect as president will be HUGE in what agendas come forth and what course our country takes over the next 4 years!

The purpose of my post today is not to give you my opinion...the purpose is to beg you to get down on your knees on behalf of our country and pray to God concerning her; her people, her direction, her soldiers, her position, her policies, her practices, her history and her future.

Pray for God's wisdom (not self preference) in casting your vote.

Pray and ask God for revival across our land! During this economic difficulty, I see fields ready for harvesting.

Pray for the conviction of sins and idol worship in the hearts of all--saved and unsaved!

Please join us and thousands others as we pray from noon until 12:30 or 1:00 p.m. for America. Fast the day, a meal, a dessert, television, something...anything...give of yourself and your time and go before God on behalf of our country.

I fear God, not man!

I go to God for the country that I love--and for the country that my children and grandchildren will grow up in. What the future holds for them could be decided in a few short weeks. Be a vital part of the decision making process in prayer and in voting!

God bless each one of you as you seek His face during this bumpy portion of the journey. I know many of you are struggling--your notes make my heart ache...please know that I am praying for those who have asked for prayer! Some are having deep personal struggles, financial struggles, worries, concerns, health dilemmas and so on. Please don't despair! Go to God! Please don't be so wearied by your own, very real, difficulties that you neglect to pray for America and this election. It is far too important. He hears all your prayers, so just spend some extra time in His presence today.

~If you haven't watched the program "America at the Crossroads" may I encourage you to do so! You can start with this link and work your way through. Vital information along with accurate Bible study--so you can't go wrong! ~