Thursday, September 25, 2008

Precepts For Life -- "America at the Crossroads"

My prayer is that you will choose to join Kay Arthur over the next 10 days as she takes us through what the Bible has to say about God's character, His statutes and America today.

This is so crucially important with what is going on in our country concerning the economy, financial markets and upcoming elections!

Each segment is only 30 minutes in length. You can choose to just listen to the Bible teaching or print off worksheets to do alongside the study. Either way, PLEASE commit your time and your heart to hearing from God.

This is a look into the character and statutes of God for nations as a whole and people as individuals as they choose to live their life walking alongside or apart from God.

Today's study is America at the Crossroads - Part 1

Set your heart to seek God...align your heart with His...I can't encourage you any stronger! Seek His word diligently...go deeper...Now is the time!

I pray that He will bless you greatly as you do!

Link to print off worksheets for all 10 sessions of "America at the Crossroads"