Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today's Serenade

Each day carries through in song.

Rhythm, melody, tempo, style and pitch either flow harmoniously or incompatibly depending on the dynamics. We float from note to note. Each line, each crescendo building then decrescendo falling...growing and softening...until the culmination of notes create the music for the day.

There are days full of beautiful textures making for a rich, embodied concerto. Others clank around like “turkey in the straw” plunked on an old wash tub. At times the song follows written notation only to suddenly break into improvisation. One minute may be in full orchestration while the next gently acoustic.

The structure may be somewhat of my composing, however, the sheet music we dance to is ultimately penned by the Great Composer.

Each moment of each day is penetrated with music to hum along to, cry with, dance to or sing with. Music to be filled with or float by. Styles differ and the rhythm can be interrupted in the midst of its course. No two days are alike. No two sound the same.

Each day its own serenade.

Every lifetime a magnum opus.