Monday, August 18, 2008

Sand, Surf and...Fog?

You would think with temperatures in the upper 90's at home that we would find some sun during our trip to the beach...nope! It was cool and foggy, but we still had fun. How can you not have fun at the ocean?
Nate just loves to be with "the guys" as he calls his big brothers. :) They are so good about letting him in on their fun--except when he is a hindrance. But they are working on patience and forbearance in these situations. Here they are digging a hole to bury Jacob in.
The burying is almost complete. When the girls saw what was going on, they of course wanted to be in on the action. Nate kept trying to bury Jacob's head by throwing sand on his face. :) Poor Jacob--he was such a good sport about it all. The extra little cutie in the picture is my niece.