Friday, June 27, 2008

Where's Nate?

It's never a good sign when I ask the other children the two words "Where's Nate?" and receive a blank stare!

This is what Brianne found upstairs. A sweet smelling, shiney, slippery Nate. He had gotten into the scented vaseline and proceeded to decorate the carpet, train table and large Pier 1 Papasan chair....not to mention the decorating he did of himself.

He has been de-slipperied and is off to take his afternoon nap, where we don't have to ask "Where's Nate?" for the next 2 hours. Meanwhile, I am officially done researching the planting of blueberry bushes to go clean up a huge mess upstairs.

If anyone has any great ideas on how to get vaseline out of a chair cushion that cannot be put in the washer and out of carpeting, please send me a note, would ya! Much appreciated!