Monday, June 30, 2008

"He Who Has Believed and Has Been Baptized...

...shall be saved." Mark 16:16 (words of our Lord Jesus Christ)

Yesterday we had the privilege to witness the baptism of our third child, Jacob. It was a beautiful day and marked well by this profound and significant act of obedience.

When Jacob was asked to explain what it meant to be baptized, he said it was signifying the death to his old self and being raised with Christ to a new life. Knowing that he clearly understands the importance of this step and the assurity of his salvation, his parents could not be any more excited, nor proud , than we are right now in this son.

"The significance of water baptism cannot be overemphasized. This baptism is a burial of the old self with its slavery to sin, and a resurrection into newness of life in Christ. It is an outward sign of an inward change of motivation, loyalties and affections. It is also a visible and public declaration that the newborn Christian will no longer follow the world's ways, his or her old life of sin, nor the temptations of the devil." (from "Life in Christ" by Tony Salerno)

The added privilege of the day was that my brother, who is a pastor, was the one to baptize him. I can't help but think right now about those godly generations before us that have brought our family to where it is today. God has worked mightily and personally in our family, yes!, but there is also the promised blessing upon future generations to them that believe. My family is reaping the harvest today of those seeds sown by godly men and women I don't even know from the past.

When I think of the legacy I want to leave behind, our 150-200 year vision, my thoughts rest on the reality that I was someone else's future vision. Godly great, great, great grandparents were living, believing, sacrificing, worshipping, growing, discipling, honoring, reaping and sowing. Because they did, because they "set (their) hearts to seek God...", their lives have contributed to where we are today. Knowing that adds to my list of "thank you's" needed to be made when I get to heaven! :)

Our 365 days each year are marked by special ones sprinkled in the midst. The birthdays, holidays, weddings, vacations, births, special events, etc. Other days are perhaps not so wonderful, but quite impactful just the same. Our lives are then inscribed by the most precious or difficult of these days. For my life, and for Jacob's, yesterday was one of those extremely significant marked days!

Thank you, God, for yesterday! A forever significant day in my life! I praise you and thank you for the gift of Jacob! I praise you and glorify your holy name that he has been chosen by you to be a believer of your Son, Jesus Christ! Grow him to be a man, like David, after your heart. Grow him to be a man of great character, morals, godliness and to be firmly rooted in Your Holy Word! May his life daily be a sweet sacrifice of worship and praise bringing you glory and honor in all that he does! May he enjoy You all the days of his life! Amen!

Some additional verses pertaining to baptism: Act 2:38; Romans 6:3-7; 1 Corinthians 12:13