Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lake Chelan...Little Sun, But Lots of Fun!

If you scroll down the side bar with the list of "my favorite things" you will see listed there...Lake Chelan Vacations! Thanks to parents with time-share condo's (Thanks Dads and Moms! :) we have been blessed to visit Chelan 7 or 8 times now (this was up to debate all week as to how many times we have been to the Wapato Point resort in Manson on Lake Chlean). Through the blessing of those Grandparents, we are able to stay in a nice 3 bedroom condo at a resort with lots to do and see. It is such a lovely time for our family and one we ALL look forward to. Its so fun to listen to the children share with each other "remember the year we..." "remember the big wind storm that took out part of that tree..." "remember when we" "remember when we went apple picking..." "remember chasing that huge bunch of geese..." "remember the 3 times we visited the Chelan hospital..." and on and on. We have only done a little camping and so these visits, starting when Brianne was 4 and Jesse 1 1/2, have been the "vacations" down through the years for our family. We have our favorite activities, our favorite restaurant, our favorite desserts, our favorite "stops". The weather this year was crummy and we borrowed Chuck's parents boat, but it didn't feel like playing in the water :( but it still was a wonderful week and many more memories and "remember when's..." were made.
My keepsake from the trip was this large, shallow bowl (our new fruit bowl :) that the children made for me at the pottery store in Chelan. The handprints of the 3 "littles" are on the inside and the 3 "bigs" are on the outside. The outside was barely large enough for those bigger hands! What a blessing each hand on this bowl is to me! Of all the "pretties" I am blessed to have and enjoy in my home, this dish is by far now my favorite!