Sunday, June 8, 2008

Do Not Fear the Dock...

Our first day out on the dock, the three "littles" were a "little" nervous about this "pathway on water". It was so funny! We told them to walk down the middle and they would be fine. Faith kept her arms out to balance her to make sure that she stayed in the middle and kept stopping and well...freaking out...that she was going to surely fall into the water. By week's end, we had to MAKE them hold our hands and WALK on the dock because they loved it so much and had lost all their fear. A little fear is good...and healthy!

The girls were afraid the chasm would surely swallow them up... I really can't tell you how funny they were on this thing that first day out. Nate kept crying and clinging to Brianne. By weeks end I think he would have just walked off the end if we hadn't been paying attention.