Monday, November 21, 2011

Needed and Necessary??? Who Me?

When I wrote this post a few weeks ago, it sat in the draft area because I didn’t feel the timing was right to put it up. 

Saturday morning seemed perfect. 

Friday night and all day Saturday, I was one of several speakers sharing at a seminar held at our church.  Part of my speaking time included sharing parts of my testimony.  Let me tell you—that was NOT a comfortable place for me.  Up on the platform of the church sanctuary with microphone in hand was way out of my comfort zone.  I even contemplated not wearing my glasses thinking perhaps it would be easier if all the people’s faces were blurry.   

Grace came down in buckets and I survived.  I think I was actually understandable in most of what I shared.  Afterwards, I had the privilege to pray with a couple ladies and talked with several others about all things Jesus.  It was a rich weekend!

I came home and read through the notes some of you had sent about what I posted.  After reflecting and smiling a bit I thought, “Only you, Jesus, could ever do anything with the me behind my story!  That in and of itself amazes me!”

Then Sunday came. 

I sat with my girls in Sunday School as we talked through some of their junior high aged questions given to me anonymously the week before.  It was good.  God helps me every Sunday answer questions and respond to statements these sweet, innocent, hurting girls have and I know without a doubt that the Holy Spirit is on the job—because I would fail them every time if I was left on my own.

Here is some of what is coming against my girls and other teens in our church:

* Heavy drinking parents.
* Getting sucked into the “emo” world.
* Eating disorders.
* Pornography. 
* Fears—fear of failure, of man, of rejection, of being the cause of Dad's anger and his leaving.
* In the midst of divorce with the breaking, fighting and crumbling all around.
* Learning to live life not fearing seizures.
* Love-starved=not just boy crazy, but aggressively seeking attention
* Deep-seeded anger that has become rage and bitterness.
* Abuse—emotionally, physically, sexually.
*  Rebellion against authority and contempt—fighting for what they are entitled too.
*  Performing/masquerade/going through the motions.
Crippled by inadequacy.
* Questioning worthiness.
* Emotional Torments.
* Insecurity.
* Deep father wounds.
* Shame.
* Control.
* The ones we only see occasionally, depending on which parent has them.
* And the quiet ones who concern me because I do not know their story.

Sunday I broke!

We were at the tail end of the Missions potluck {I love potlucks, by-the-way!} and one of my sweetest, quietest girls came over to talk to me.  It wasn’t what she said—or even what she didn’t say.  I can’t explain it, really.  But when she walked away—my heart broke and tears burst.

How can I even begin to love these girls well enough? 
How can I make a difference in their lives?
How can I love away their hurt?

I feel so inadequate!

And you know what . . . all I CAN do is love them. 

I can love them by listening, encouraging, supporting and answering their call for help as best I can by the help and grace of God. 

I can pray for them and trust God to work miracles in their heart, mind, emotions, relationships and day-to-day living.

I can battle for them in the spiritual realm by standing in the gap and rebuking the enemy's attacks against them!

I can be present for them and cheer for each one because they are worthy of being cheered for!!!

I can sacrifice my time, energy, money, focus, talents and ability in the kitchen to assure them they are worth the effort to love on.

I can stop expecting from them 
and fully offer myself to them.

Who needs you today?
What can you do to love some hurting heart well today?
I’d love a few more ideas myself! J

YOU are needed and necessary 
in your sphere of influence! 

and me.