Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Remedy for Gluttony

Delve into prayer!

Awareness of the spiritual realm 
lessens the draw of the physical realms trappings!

I am like others—in love with the pretties of this world.
They are pretty!
And God created me to admire and to desire.
But He also created me capable of withholding affection for the things that do not satisfy.

He satisfies all needs.
He satisfies all desires.

If I come to Him—meet with Him—He will fill me up in a way
no thing,
no food,
no vice,
no temptation
 . . . ever could!

First, I must repent my sin of gluttony.
Second, receive the Lord’s gracious forgiveness!
Third, rebuke Satan’s influence to feed my desire for “it”.
Fourth, walk in the opposite spirit.

God wants to fill me up, but I must spend time with Him for that to happen.  And I spend time battling in the spiritual realm in prayer!
Prayer fulfills and satisfies and frees . . .
from the bondage of want, envy, covetousness and discontent.

Why not try Him and see?