Saturday, October 1, 2011

Morning Rituals

Do you start your day in the same way. . . every day?

Most of us do.

Even if our spontaneity kicks in later . . .
Even when our schedule fluctuates . . .

Most of us begin the day with at least somewhat of a morning ritual.

Whether it involves drinking coffee or tea, reading the newspaper, checking the computer, exercise, etc. . . . there’s usually some uniformity to it.

Does your morning ritual protect your mind?
Does your morning ritual guard against the evil one?
Does your morning ritual help you focus on Christ?

Some of us have {or try to have} a regular “quiet time” with the Lord.  Maybe yours is in the morning or perhaps it works better for you to meet with Him later in the day, before bed even.  But what I have learned over time is how crucial it is in the morning to get my mind “stayed on Thee”. 
Because I want the perfect peace promised for the rest of my day!
Because I need it! J

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee; because he trusts in Thee.”  Is. 26:3

There’s no right or wrong here—but I’ve learned it’s important to do something!

After doing Beth Moore’s study, Stepping Up, I continued what she taught us with starting my morning on the floor—face to the floor—in worship and personal expression of my need for Him in my life.  I then recite this prayer of hers . . .

“Lord, I thank you again this morning that you are still God upon the throne of all creation.  You are holy.  Mighty beyond comprehension.  So worthy of my praise and the outpouring of my life’s energies.  Today I gladly give myself to you.  I am convinced that you are always for me.  Obedience to you will always mean Your very best for me.  I’m so grateful that I can come boldly and without shame before Your throne because I pray all these things in Jesus’ name.”

With my face still to the floor, I spend some time in specific adoration and gratitude for all He is doing in my life.  I affirm promises I need to affirm. 
And I say all of this out loud. 

Satan can feed thoughts into our minds, 
but he cannot read our minds. 

I pray A LOT out loud because I want my enemy to know he is not just messing with me, he is messing with God and me!

I finish my prayer on the ground by taking the power and authority that is mine in Christ Jesus, sealing off my mind to influences of the world, tricks and lies of the enemy and my own thoughts and imaginations. (2 Co. 10:5)

Then I re-affirm the following truths out loud I have written on a 3x5 card.  {Some I need to pause over awhile because of what I am currently dealing with or perhaps some repentance is necessary!}

Remember Today . . .
Whose I am
Who I am in Christ
Who God is and believe Him, not only IN Him
I belong to God and not this world—so no envy, jealousy, discontent
Follow Abba’s guidelines for living, not the world’s
Follow after His heart, not my own
To be Holy, as He is holy
To not fear, but trust and keep on believing!

Some days I immediately jump into my prayer journal—because I am desperate to talk with Him more and ask some specific questions, believing for guidance and direction.  Other days I turn to scripture or a Bible study.  Or  I spend all the rest of the morning just praying—laying my heart, my uglies, my children, my concerns, my church, my family, my “whatever” before Him.  Sometimes . . . that takes the bulk of my time.  But I know that although I may be able to snag some time later in the day to read some scripture—having quiet, undisturbed time just to talk to Him and listen for Him most often is only available in the morning before the rest of the family wakes up.

I encourage you to consider your morning ritual.

Are you leaving yourself vulnerable to the enemy simply because you did not take time in the morning to armor up? (Eph. 6:10-18)

I’ll leave you thinking with this quote of Beth Moore’s . . .

"We can choose whether or not we are warriors, 
but we can not choose whether or not we are in a war."