Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Live Your Faith!

Three Neurologists, three opinions.

The reality that doctors only practice medicine is disconcerting!

But then . . . I know the Great Physician and He. is. God!

Sadness began to settle in my heart a bit today . . .
oh, and a dose of self-pity I suppose too.  
Sad is somewhat acceptable.  
But self-pity is sin.  
So I closed myself in my room with my journal and my Jesus.

Immediately I am reminded of something our pastor said to us while still at the hospital.  “Give me the hard facts of your situation.  Your illness, your circumstance, your ‘whatever’.  There are no harder facts than God’s promises in Scripture!”

We are lacking hard facts right now.  But even once they figure out all that’s going on in his cute little brain—no matter the good, the bad or the uglythose medical facts are no harder, no truer, no surer than the promises God has made to both me and my husband.  We are not only man and wife, we are brother and sister in the faith—co-heirs with Christ!

I pray and then I listen . . . and I hear—

“Be of good courage.  You believe!  Believe also in Me!  Process your faith through these daily experiences.  Embrace today—all of it!  I will not let you down.  You don’t need to hear more from Me.  You just need to live what you have already heard.  Live your faith!

And so, in a new way, I begin to live the faith I believe in my head by walking it out from my heart.

He is good, all the time!
All the time, He. IS. Good!

Thank you for your prayers—Soli Deo Gloria!

**Sharpies are awesome creations and cheaper than personalized jewelry!  The blue bracelet I wear since studying Beth Moore’s “Believing God” . . . Isaiah 43:10; Numbers 15:37-41.