Friday, May 20, 2011

Women of Faith Worship—Rejoice! . . . A Music CD Review

When the Thomas Nelson Company offered me the chance to review the latest Women of Faith Worship CD, I was ecstatic!  Immediately I was reminded of the Renewing the Heart Conference I attended years ago.  What an impact that music had on me!  I actually wore out my tape! 

Yes . . . it was long enough ago to be on cassette tape!
Yes . . . I am that old! J

Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with WOF’s album—Rejoice.  The lyrics are fine, the singers nice, the song-choice okay—the total package is simply lacking.  From first listen, I was ready for each song to be over part way through, hoping the next one would get better.  I never felt impacted or drawn into worship—which is the point, right? 

There are 10 songs total—a mix of new alongside popular worship songs out on radio.  In my opinion, the popular ones fell flat and the instrumentation throughout was mediocre.  They all started to sound the same.  With so many powerful worship songs/albums available, this one falls short of being worth the add to my ipod or CD player.

Perhaps if I had attended the Women of Faith event I would feel differently about this album.  Those who experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit moving amongst the raised hands and voices of thousands of women gathered in Jesus name may enjoy this.  Being personally involved in that kind of experience WOULD make the difference! 

But for me, having missed the impactful event, I never felt impacted by the music they shared together.

Disclosure: Thomas Nelson Company provided me Women of Faith Worship: Rejoice for free for review purposes with no expectation that I would provide a positive review.  The thoughts and opinions shared are entirely my own.

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