Thursday, May 5, 2011

Could You Take A Minute To Help Me Serve You?

My desire is to serve you well in this place.  The purpose for my little corner here is to encourage you in your own walk with Jesus as He encourages and challenges me in mine.  I love sharing what has been helpful, exciting, inspiring . . . even what's humbling or confusing to me

Transparency and vulnerability within the Body 
strengthens and fortifies throughout the Body!   

So in that spirit, I want our shared time together to be of value to you.  Besides . . . your time is precious!  What’s the point of visiting here if you don’t “click” away somewhat changed, excited or encouraged!

One of the ideas that surfaced not too long ago was the reviewing of books and other items available for Believers.  You probably noticed the DaySpring review on their Grace Tray with the $20 giveaway.  I have loved getting to know this company because I love what they have to offer me and my Christian home.  I have given some of their items as gifts—all well received.  Being able to share with you about them and helping one of you receive a gift in the process was just icing on the cake.  

I have also posted a couple book reviews—first on the book Radical and more recently Randy Alcorn’s newest release, 90 Days of God’s Goodness.  On it’s way to me right now for reading and review is Lazarus Awakening by Joanna Weaver, author of the popular Having a Mary Heart in a Martha WorldYes, I receive these books for free for my review so I do get something out of this.  A book.  But God often uses the words of our Brothers and Sisters in Christ to work on softening our hearts or motivating, changing and encouraging us.  If there is a good book out there doing just that, I want to know about it and share it with you.  I want growth and change!

Here is where I need your help.

Currently I am signed up with 4 different publishing companies to review books.  I will only request a review copy of something that interests me and that I prayerfully feel led to request, read and review.  I don’t want a book just because it is free.  I don’t have a lot of free time to read so what I do choose needs to excite me to make time for it.  I refuse to post anything in this special-to-me-place that isn’t worth your time knowing about.  Now, of course, there is the chance I will read something that I don’t care for or disagree with and I will honestly write that in my review.  But if the book interested me enough to seek after it, I feel it is worth letting you know about it so you can make your own decision concerning it.

So . . . with all that being said . . . I have 2 requests to make of you. 

Multnomah Books is one of the publishers that I receive books from for review.  They just changed how they do things and I am asking that you rate my reviews for the 2 books I previously mentioned.  The more points I receive for rated reviews, the larger the selection of books I get to choose from the next time.  Does that make sense?  If I have no ratings, I am pretty much offered the books no one else wants to review.  If I have a rating of at least 50 points (each star given for my review equals 1 point) all the books that they currently have review copies for are available to me.  Obviously that’s better for us both.  My time will be spent on books of quality offering a review on something you perhaps may actually want to read! J

My second request is this . . . if you know of other review programs available to Christian bloggers could you please email me about them at robin_mckay at comcast dot net?  Any other ideas you have about what you would like to see posted here is welcome also!

My blogging niche is quite narrow as God has requested of me.  I don’t hop all over the place talking about all kinds of things.  But I would love to give you variety in what I believe would be pleasing to God to share in this place.  Reviews of items I believe may be of help and interest to you is just one of them.

For your review ratings and ideas shared—for just spending time with me here—thanks a bunch!  I truly appreciate your time gifted as we each set our hearts to seek God!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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