Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Am I Wanting From The Wrong Giver?

One of my biggest difficulties???
Sacrificing my wants from others!!!

None of us like giving up what we want . . . 
it bothers us to surrender our “rights”.

But whether I can have what I want or can’tonly in giving up my wants can I be free from dependency upon others for being pleased. 
Frees them others up too!

I can be a slave to my emotions.
Am I confident in who I am in Christ?
Do I even know "who" that is???
Do I love where I am today with Christ?
Do I want Him above all other wants—
including those “wants” from others?

Only He can grant me the desires of my heart.  All other attempts from others will fall short. What do I want from them any way?  
Usually the stuff that feeds my fleshly self.

My Pastor spoke awhile back on despair and envythey’ll crush the life right outta ya if you let them!  So true!

Inwardly despairing—outwardly envying

If Jesus were to ask you that same question, how would you respond? 
Could what I want from others be fulfilled in what Christ is already willing to give me?

Am I wanting from the wrong giver?

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