Monday, March 7, 2011

Which Wisdom Do I Represent (James 3:14-18)

In how I manage my time, my world, my relationships—
which column does my life and my words manifest?  (v14-17)

Earthly                                                 Heavenly
Wisdom                                               Wisdom
Bitter Jealousy                                    Pure
Selfish Ambition                                 Peaceable
Arrogance                                          Gentle
Lies Against Truth                              Reasonable
Unspiritual                                             *(willing to yield)
Demonic                                              Full of Mercy
Disorder                                               Good Fruits
Every Evil Thing                                  Unwavering
                                                               Without Hypocrisy

Which do I represent better—
my Kingdom home or my earthly one?

True wisdom is not gained by conversation or knowledge. 
Wisdom from above is God’s gift. 

“The wisdom from above is first pure...”  (v. 17)
Before any other “wisdom” (regulating circumstances in relation to goodness).
Before I can relate peaceably with others. 
Before being gentle and willing to yield in a situation. 
Before acting in mercy as well as any other Fruit of the Spirit. 

The word “pure” comes from the Greek word Hagnos and is an adjective used to express freedom from defilements or impurities.  So pretty much what you’d expect.

Let’s look at Joseph for an example. 

Genesis 39:7-12 tells us the story of Joseph being tempted by his master’s wife.  He was unpolluted, in that he reverenced the sanctity of marriage and considered defilement sinning against God, the Originator of marriage.  He was holy, in that he separated himself from any unholy fellowship with his temptress.  He proved himself pure, in that he kept his body pure and undefiled.  He could not be holy and pure before God if he chose to be unholy and impure with this married woman. 
He acted out of wisdom from above.

Hagnos also means to be without duplicity—to deceive . . . to “dupe” someone.

Are all selfish motives absent from my wisdom? 
Or am I deceptively responding in a way to get what I want?
When I respond in one of those earthly ways, do I understand why?
Has the Adversary got me duped???

Peace follows purity and depends on it . . . “And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace for those who make peace.” (v. 18)

That which is sown in peace produces a harvest of joy! 

The truly wise do what they can to preserve peace and restore that which is broken or lost.  Look at the contention reaped from the “earthly wisdom” list.  That wisdom may seem advantageous at the time, but where there is no peace—there can be no joy. 
If I am not pursuing peace all my other effort for the Kingdom falls short.

“For light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart; and the work of righteousness shall be peace, and the effect of righteousness - quietness and assurance for ever.” ~ Matthew Henry

Is peace and purity evident in my life?
Am I earthly wise or receiving from God the gift of wisdom He offers?
Which home does my wisdom reflect?

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